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Foam Control & Measurement

Charis foam controls have been purpose designed for controlling foam; they are not simply modified liquid level controls.

Charis Technology Ltd is the market leader in foam sensors and control systems. Over the last 15 years our design team has developed the largest range of products for foam control in the world. Our wide experience of problematic applications, from biotechnology to effluent treatment, enables us to provide intelligent solutions to any foam control problem. Thanks to their unique IMA sensing® technology, Charis systems continue to work reliably, despite the inevitable sticky build-up of foam and product on the sensor. To see a demonstration of our sensors at work click here (opens in new window)

  • SureSense, for water based foams
  • DiFoam, for non-water based foams such as oil, resin, solvent etc.
  • Foam Tendency, pre-emptive control, prevents foam problems arising
  • MultiSense, multiphase, liquid and foam level control in one sensor
There are many industries which have benefited from the use of Charis foam control technology. Examples of these are in fermentation, food, sugar, brewing, waste water, effluent, hazardous areas and chemicals.

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